The ‘Leuven-Europa Kring’ (LEUK) was launched in 2019 as a circle of allies for the missions of LEUC, to impart information on the European project and bring the EU closer to citizens of Leuven, and to promote Leuven as a pilot region for European policies.

Everyone living in the greater Leuven area can sign up for LEUK membership. Members will then receive invitations for public events organized by LEUC and possible calls for collaboration.

In this way, LEUC aspires to deepen its ties with people and organizations in and around Leuven (including the City, the university, IMEC, Leuven 2030, Leuven MindGate, …).

In order to reach a broad audience, the language for communication at our events will alternate between English and Dutch.

Are you interested in signing up for LEUK membership? Kindly submit your contact details through the link below:

I sign up for LEUK

We look forward to meeting you soon!